Join Harvey the Smiling Wombat as he searches the world for fun items for you!

Let's Follow Harvey's Travels!

Harvey has left his native Australia and gone off to see the rest of the world!

Harvey Visits Alaska

"Harvey had always wanted to see what it was like on the other side of the world. Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, he went to Alaska which is in the northern hemisphere."

Harvey in Alaska

Harvey Visits the Grand Canyon

“Harvey read about the Grand Canyon when he was in wombat high school.  He put it on his bucket list and here he is - getting ready to hike down to the bottom on the "Bright Angel Trail".”

He discovered that it was a lot harder getting to the top than getting to the bottom!

Harvey at Grand Canyon

Harvey Travels to Glacier National Park

“Harvey had never seen a glacier, but he wanted to. There are no glaciers in Australia - so he traveled to Glacier National Park in northern Montana in the United States. He finally saw glaciers!"

Harvey at Glacier

Harvey Visits Rocky Mountain National Park

"Harvey wanted to see the highest paved road in Colorado that crosses the continental divide, reaching an elevation of 12,183 feet. It's called "Trail Ridge Road" and here he is near the continental divide. You can see the road coming up the mountain."

Harvey at Rocky Mountans

Harvey had read about Cliff Dwellings

"Harvey wondered if some of his ancestors might have lived in dwellings like this, so he went to Colorado in the United States to check it out. Here he is by the Cliff Palace."

Harvey at Cliff Dwellings

Harvey wanted to experience the old west

"Harvey had seen western movies and wanted to hop aboard a coal-fired, steam-powered locomotive that travels along the same railroad tracks that miners, cowboys and the early settlers of the Old West used over a hundred years ago. It was a great experience."

Harvey Rides the Silverton

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