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Check out Harvey's NEW Grand Prix Heritage Shirts!

This Selection of T Shirts honors the decade of the 1960's.

From Cooper to Matra this was a decade of change in Formula 1 racing.

Changes in engine size, Power and the beginning of Aerodynamics can be seen in each design.

You can collect them all!

GP Heritage Series

Grand Prix Heritage Shirts


Everyones Favorite Fashion Statement

  • Harvey Official T-Shirts
  • Novelty T-Shirts
  • Patriotic T-Shirts
  • Automovtive T-Shirts
  • Wings of Dreams Iconic Aircraft T-Shirts


Harvey's T Shirts

Harvey's Calendars!

Harvey uses these Calendars to keep track of the days as he travels the world.

He thinks you will like them too. Take a Look!

Be sure to check out his NEW Fomula 1 Racing Calendar!


Harvey's Calendars

Harvey's Coloring Pages and Coloring Page Packs!

Harvey offers downloadable coloring pages - for children of ALL ages. You can download these inexpensive pages and print as many as you want. Perfect for kids staying home during the Pandemic!

Available in Packs of 10 or individual pages!



Coloring Packs

Harveys New Mug Collections!

  • "Wings of Dreams" Aircraft Mugs
  • Classic Sports Racing Car Mugs
  • Grand Prix Heritage Mugs

Go Here To Check Out These Great Mugs

Harveys Mug collection

New Porsche Race Car Shirts

Our Brand New Classic Porsche Race Car T Shirts  Check them out!

Harvey's New Calendars

These are Harvey's Official Calendars - it has photos from his travels around the United States and his New Grand Prix Heritage Calendar!

Get it NOW!

Coloring Books

When Harvey has some free time, he loves to be creative and unwind with "Coloring Books". This is just one of his favorites.  Check it out!

Airplane Coloring Book

Wombats love airplanes.  Here you can learn about different airplanes and have fun coloring them. 

New Mugs

Harveys new collection of mugs

Harvey has a new collection of High Quality Ceramic Mugs for your favorite beverage!

New Mouse Pads

Harveys mouse pads

Harvey offers several new Mouse Pad Designs - from Race Cars to Beautiful Landscapes. We will be adding more all the time so check back often.

T-Shirts Everyones Favorite Fashion Statement

Harvey T ShirtHere you can find the official "Harvey the Smiling Wombat" T-shirt, as well as many other cool designs. Check it out!

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